Monday, September 25, 2006

Calvinsim and Our Current Evangelical Landscape

Here is an article that is by Christianity Today about Reformed Theology (specifically calvinism) and it growing influence in the church: Young, Restless, Reformed

I believe it will continue to increase more as young people are seeking God and looking for serious answers to their questions and are desirous of a serious relationship with God; and right now, serious, deep, answers are found among primarly calvinistic teachers.

Also check out the follwing. I found this at Justin Taylor's BLOG,
Between Two Worlds.

LifeWay Research recently looked into how many pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention are Calvinists.

The above chart reflects some of the results.

Tom Ascol on his Founders Ministries BLOG has some reflections on this, under the section: Lifeway: 10% of SBC pastors are 5 Point Calvinists.

For more on this, see the follwing article: LifeWay Research Prepares Initial Studies; Calvinism Among Southern Baptists Is First Study; by Chris Turner.


CJD said...

Wouldn't it be better to be a part of a community that just assumed (to a greater or lesser degree) the doctrines of grace, so we could move on and do some actual kingdom building (instead of trying to convince people of Calvinism)?

Guiseppi, you're no SBC-er any more, are you? Why not?

Guiseppi said...

No, I am no longer an SBC-er after nearly 20 years I made the change.

I became part of a "part of a community that just assumed the doctrines of grace, so we could move on and do some actual kingdom building (instead of trying to convince people of Calvinism)?"

My main intent was to show the influence Piper, Keller, etal has had on not only the SBC, but many denomintions. The diversity of their strengths and leadership is truly a gift for the church today.

As far as other reasons, I could get into the co-operative program - the tie that binds SBC churches together (liberal, conservative, calvinistic, whatever), but that would take time and energy I wish to use for something more constructive.

Brian said...

Chris and Joe, I totally agree with you. This is yet one more reason why I am so thankful I am not a part of the SBC anymore. Practically every church that is associated with SBTS is "unofficially" categorized according to their stance on calvinism. And this is what awaits hopeful calvinistic graduates who are looking to serve in the SBC: A) Find a church that is sympathetic to calvinism (most unlikely scenario), B) Hide your calvinism (i.e., don't bring up the subject, reword (water down)your views, or flat out lie) during interviews with unsympathetic churches (most likely scenario), or C)start a church plant (best scenario, but most difficult).