Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Covenant Theonomy?

"Theonomy, is a term composed of the Greek roots theos (God) and nomos (law) refers to a theological movement that believes that God's Law (i.e., Israel's Law in the Old Testament) is an eternally binding standard in all ages and is to be applied by the believer for sanctification and enforced by the civil magistrate when so dictated."[1]
God's Law then serves as the ethics of this New Covenant (and by default human government). This is seen as a type of theocracy and is Covenant Theology's understanding of theonomy. It is associated with Christian Reconstructionism, and Dominion theology. My understanding of Theonomy is nottraditionalitonal view. I cannot agree that the "OT ethical standards are to be the norm for today," as they are revealed in the OT. Given my affair with NCT, I cannot agree wittraditionalitonal CT definition.
I agree with the guys at that "this emphasis on the dominion of Christ in all of society to be thoroughly Biblical, but theonomy├é’s application of the Mosaic Law in the present age represents a misunderstanding of the purpose of the Law in salvation-history . . . (the dominion of Christ is meant to) emphasizes God's absolute authority in all spheres of life, including culture and law, as well as an optimistic eschatology (seeing the) . . . essence of Christianity as the task of being God's instruments in bringing all things into submission to the authority of Christ."
They go further by saying that, the Mosaic "Law represents the terms of the Old Covenant, and has been forever made obsolete by the establishment of Christ's New Covenant, which brings about true obedience in the believer by the work of the Holy Spirit. This obedience is characterized by love for one's neighbor and love for God, and is at times referred to in the New Testament as fulfillment of the 'Law of Christ.' "

I beleive this, because I see the eternal, moral ethic (law, will) as a theme or maybe a constant throughout scripture; and, I'm not sure theology (at least as I see it, I know, very po-mo of me) can be understood without it.

What I mean to say is that 'Law' is a very defining aspect to God's eternal purpose / everlasting covenant.It is revealed in 1) creation, 2) the Law of Moses and 3) the Law Christ.
This is what Christ fulfilled; this is what was revealed in the Mosaic Covenant and creation. He, fulfilled this by living a life that was perfect, fulfilling all the demands of the Law (aka eternal, moral law), meriting by His active obedience and sacrifice of Himself (passive obedience) the blessing promised in the Old Covenant putting the covenant (Abrahamic) into effect (Heb. 9:16-18). Or more specifically the promised blessings of God's eternal purpose / everlasting covenant revealed in His covenant promises that began with Abraham and culminated in the resurrection.
In my next post on New Covenant Theonomy? I will explain how the 'law of Christ' is a theocratic rule.

[1] Sentence taken from See FAQ section.

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