Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tongues and the SBC

Well, the guys at the SBC are not taking kindly to the latest "speaking in tongues" incident.

After Tuesday’s chapel service (8 / 29), Paige Patterson issued a statement refusing to release the video of Rev. Dwight McKissic’s sermon online nor save it in seminary archives.

In his sermon, McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, also criticized the convention’s International Mission Board for adopting a policy excluding missionary candidates who admit to a private prayer language.

“I think it’s tragic in Baptist life when we take a valid, vital gift that the Bible talks about and come up with a policy that says people who pray in tongues in their private lives cannot work in certain positions,” he told the students. “That to me is contrary to what many of our foremost Baptist thinkers and leaders think.”

In an interview Wednesday, McKissic reiterated that criticism.

“The Southern Baptist Convention doesn’t need to police the prayer life of its missionaries,” he said. “We want missionaries who are praying. Why regulate their prayers?”

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