Sunday, September 03, 2006

You Know Your Not Reformed if ...

Check this out, posted on Aug. 14th on The Riddleblog.

You know you are not Reformed if . . .

. . . you think the Apostles Creed is the guy who fought Rocky in Rocky I.
. . . you think the Canons of Dort are like the Guns of Navarrone.
. . . you think Ursinus is a nasal condition.
. . . you think Arminians are the people who run convenience stores.
. . . you think the Belgic Confession was from WWII war crimes trials.
. . . you think “popery” in the church makes it smell flowery.
. . . you think the psalter goes with the pepper shaker.
. . . you think unconditional election is a practice of communist dictatorships.
. . . the only “kirk” you know is from Star Trek.
. . . you think the Three Forms of Unity are health, wealth, and happiness.
. . . you think “catechism” and “dogma” relate to pets.
. . . you think Post Tenebras Lux is a breakfast cereal (it’s actually the motto of post-Reformation Geneva).

(h.t. Pat Yamada)
Can you think of more?


Brian said...

...if you think the Book of Common Prayer contains, "Now I lay me down to sleep..." and "God is great, God is good."

...if you think Martin Luther "had a dream."

...if you think Absolution is the latest fitness product being promoted on infomercials by Chuck Norris.

...if you think the Gloria Patri was a disco singer in the 70's.

...if you think Irresistable Grace is Britney Spears' new line of perfume.

...if you think Total Depravity is Britney Spears' new video on MTV.

...if you think Perseverance of the Saints is what football fans in New Orleans have been doing for three decades now.... barely.

I'm spent.

Guiseppi said...

man . . . that is funnier than the original post . . .