Friday, October 06, 2006

A Comparison of 5 Views on Theology (part 5)

The following series is meant for fun only. As the different views are explained, they will be caricatures only. As I express my view (very po-mo of me), it is a way for me to interact with all the different views out there. I invite your feedback on either my views or the traditional views.

My view will be identified as the Theology of Hope

Is There a Covenant of Redemption?
Covenant Theology:
Yes. The eternal Covenant of Redemption was within the Trinity to effect the election of God’s covenant people.

Historic Dispensationalism:
The general consensus is that there was no eternal Covenant of Redemption within the Trinity, to effect election. Some of the old Dispensationalists did believe in a Covenant of Redemption.

Progressive Dispensationalism:
PD is divided over this subject. Some agree with CT; some agree with HD

New Covenant Theology:
NCT is also divided over this subject. Many NCT enthusiasts prefer Biblical language in reference to any action of God “before time” – the Scripture designates God’s intentions before time as an “eternal purpose which He purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Clearly, before history, God “purposed” to glorify His Son in history

The Theology of Hope:
Would agree with NCT and would add that this eternal purpose is a declaration of the will and purpose of the Triune God toward His chosen people, mediated to us in the Son, attested to in the Holy Scriptures, worked in us by a supernatural moving of the Holy Spirit. This was sealed in the blood of Christ (cf. Acts 20:28) and guaranteed by His resurrection.

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