Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Comparison of 5 Views on Theology (part 3)

The following series is meant for fun only. As the different views are explained, they will be caricatures only. As I express my view (very po-mo of me), it is a way for me to interact with all the different views out there. I invite your feedback on either my views or the traditional views.

My view will be identified as the Theology of Hope

God’s Purpose in History
Covenant Theology:

God’s main purpose is His own glory and Christ is the glory of God and we (the elect of God – from both the OT and NT) are in Christ.

Historic Dispensationalism:
God’s main purpose in history is national, physical Israel. God has two separate peoples, Israel and the church – with two separate plans for two distinct peoples.

Progressive Dispensationalism:
Same as CT
New Covenant Theology:
Same as CT

The Theology of Hope:
Would agree with CT and would add that God’s goal (or eternal purpose; aka misseo Dei) for creation is a renewed heaven and earth, on which all those for whom Christ died will dwell. Here they will enjoy the presence of the Triune God for all eternity.


John Fraiser said...


I think most covenant theologians would disagree with your representation of their view. CTers as I understand it think God deals with people through time according to the particular covenant administration. Your description fits NCT but not CT. In fact the "in Christ" view is frequently critiqued by CTers. For example:

Guiseppi said...

Hey John, I apprecite what you have written.

Thanks for bringing this article to my attention. I actually read KH's article a few years ago. I wonder if I subconsciously put that there, since I have adopted that view myself. I know Sproul has spoken of being 'in Christ' as well.

Are you referring to the Cov. W. and the Cov. of G.? or to the subsequent cov. revealed throughout time?

Biblical theologians would use your language as well (in reference to the subsequent cov.); yet I'd be slightly leary of your caricature though, it tends to sound more dispensational than CT.

Personally I would agree with you (if it's referring to the subsequent cov.) that God deals with His cov. people according to the cov. stipulations they were under. This does not remove God's eternal purpose/mission of all those 'in Christ' (those He purchsed, regardless of which cov. they were born under) bringing Him glory, and enjoying eternal felicity in the new haeven and new earth.

CJD said...

For starters, "theology of hope" is a Moltmann title, which you might know. I wouldn't use it (since you won't be going where Moltmann goes), nor would I use it to delineate a so-called "my view," as it is virtually indistinguishable from CT. The fact is, CT-ers, that is, traditional Reformed theologians, have always, to a greater or lesser degree, emphasized that God's goal for creation is a renewed heaven and earth.

Guiseppi said...

alright CJD, yes I am slightly familier with Moltmann, and i like much of what he purports, not all though - http://www.geocities.com/marc_batko/newcreation.html

Remember these are only caricatures. And my view as time goes on will differ significantly with CT . . .

what suggestions would you have concerning a title . . . i am open to suggetion . . .