Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Comparison of 5 Views on Theology (part 2)

The following series is meant for fun only. As the different views are explained, they will be caricatures only. As I express my view (very po-mo of me), it is a way for me to interact with all the different views out there. I invite your feedback on either my views or the traditional views.

My view will be identified as the Theology of Hope

View of History
Covenant Theology:

Optimistic: God is extending His kingdom.

Historic Dispensationalism:
Pessimistic: the Last Days are marked by increasingly worse wickedness in the world and by apostasy in the church.

Progressive Dispensationalism:

Similar to CT

New Covenant Theology:
NCT is divided over this subject. Most agree with CT.

The Theology of Hope:
Same as CT


Brian said...

I suppose the dispensationalist might disagree with you and say he is optimistic... because he looks forward to a rapture, as well as a new heaven and earth. It seems to me that the prog. disp. is more similar to this, because his optimism is still misplaced in an "escape" from this world and then a "return" to a new one.

I have read/heard some amills who are very pessimistic in regards to history, and some who are very optimistic - many, I think, see a great expansion of the church, while, simultaneously witnessing a great expansion of sin and evil. I guess their Possimistic.

Even most CTers recognize that the growth of the church is not always a neat and tidy expansion, but is marked by many setbacks and dissapointments in history - while still persevering and moving forward.

Guiseppi said...

Thank you and yes, you are correct.

Remember that these just caricatures of what the view represents. A general synopsis, in this case of the 'historic' model.

I'm sure that what comes out of the Disp. seminiaries today would agree with you.