Monday, September 04, 2006

Covenantal Metanarrative

Rather than get hung up whether the hermeneutic of Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology is the thrust of your system, why not use a more organic, simpler approach?

Such as covenantal metanarrative or progressive covenantalism. Here is my rational:

God has chosen also to reveal Himself and the Kingdom of His Son by way of Covenants.They are of significance in the drama of redemption. Or to put it anther way, God’s eternal purpose as revealed in creation, and in the culminating covenants, which find there fulfillment in the coming of Jesus – God’s Kingdom. This is the primary way God has chosen to reveal Himself.[1]

A covenant is the way God reveals His own job description for His partner and signs it.[2]
As already expressed, I believe the Bible tells a story – a meta-narrative – the all-encompassing theme of the whole Bible. The prefix meta is used to mean “about” or “with,” and a narrative is a “story.” Therefore, metanarrative means “about a story” or “with story.” The story God and the kingdom of His Son. So, the biblical metanarrative is the story of how God revealed Himself to the world through a chosen people.

And since covenants are God’s chosen way to reveal Himself, I use the phrase, Covenantal Metanarrative to describe how the framework for how one should approach scripture.

[1] Yet, not every instance significant to redemption comes to us through a covenant. i.e. in the Garden, prophecy, etc
[2] Definition of God’s Job descriptions is taken from a sermon by: John Piper, God’s Covenant with David (II Sam. 7:4-17)

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