Friday, September 08, 2006

God's Law

Does “God’s Law” transcend its covenantal expressions (i.e. Mosaic, or Law of Christ)?
I am inclined to think so. Now I’ don’t try to get the “ten commandments” into the NC as eternal expression of the moral ethic (will, law), as the CT tradition does; but I do see an eternal, moral ethic (will, law) that transcends the revelation of covenants.
It is true that knowledge of God’s moral demands written on man’s heart (Rom. 2:14-5; i.e. law of nature / conscious) and the law expressed at Sinai are two separate laws. Yet they intersect at many points. So it would seem that there is some sort eternal standard that binds them together. Surely we can’t claim that these “different laws” were formed in a vacuum, with no moral foundation (i.e. God).
It is this moral foundation, that I believe, serves as the basis for the revelation / law of nature (Romans 2:14-15; cf. 1:19, 20, 32, i.e. creation ethic), the Law of Moses and the Law of Christ.
I believe this is true because God Himself is the standard for morality, and since sin is an infraction of God’s character, not necessarily and infraction of the covenant in place at the time of the infraction.
Let me know your thoughts as I wrestle with this myself
The following link expresses the eternal, moral ethic as I have come to understand it: Three Enshrinements of God’s Eternal Moral Ethic (Law / Will)

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