Friday, October 27, 2006

Biblical Repentance

As I asked in my post on brokenness, "why do we not weep over our sin, and fall on our knees for grieving the heart of God - and those whom we have hurt?"
We only give lip service to change, when a desperate need for change in our action is what we need. We need to go beyond the recognition for change, we need to change our heart as well.
This is a difficult charge. We don't need Tony Robbins to aid us in change we need biblical scholars.
Check out this quote from John MacArthur, "Repentance is not just a change of mind; it is a change of heart. It is an inward response not just an inward activity but its fruit will be evident in the true believer's behavior."
"[R]repentance has intellectual, emotional, and volitional ramifications. Berkhof describes the intellectual element of repentance as “a change of view, a recognition of sin as involving personal guilt, defilement, and helplessness.” The emotional element is “a change of feeling, manifesting itself in sorrow for sin committed against a holy God.” The volitional element is “a change of purpose, an inward turning away from sin, and a disposition to seek pardon and cleansing.” (Berkhof, Systematic Theology, 486) Each of those three elements is deficient apart from the others. Repentance is a response of the total person; therefore some speak of it as total surrender."
For more on this from Pastor MacArthur, see Pulpit Magazine's post, "What is Biblical Repentance."


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