Friday, October 27, 2006

A Comparison of 5 Views on Theology (part 6)

The following series is meant for fun only. As the different views are explained, they will be caricatures only. As I express my view (very po-mo of me), it is a way for me to interact with all the different views out there. I invite your feedback on either my views or the traditional views.

My view will be identified as the Theology of Hope

Is There a Covenant of Works?
Covenant Theology:
God made a conditional Covenant of Works with Adam as representative for all his posterity. A Promise of life was offered on a probationary status. If Adam had kept the covenant he would have merited eternal life. Adam broke the Covenant of Works and merited eternal death for his posterity.

Historic Dispensationalism:
Most believe there was no Covenant of Works with Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Progressive Dispensationalism:

Same as HD

New Covenant Theology:
Many disagree over what God did establish with man AND if any of what He established is still abiding (i.e. Covenant of Works, etc.). NCT advocates do agree with CT on Adam as a representative for all his posterity. All believe that Adam’s sin was imputed to his posterity. All deny any type of probation or a reward for obedience.

The Theology of Hope:
Same as NCT and would add that a promise of life for obedience is not necessary because they already possessed life. Calling this relationship a Covenant of Works tends to remove grace from the picture. The Scriptures never tell us that Adam was called to earn salvation.

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